Thursday, May 16, 2013


Being away from home during birthdays and holidays can be hard for almost anyone. I will be honest and say I was not looking forward to spending my first birthday away from my friends and family, but I have to hand it to my loving husband and sister for going out of their way to make my first west coast/away from home birthday one I will never forget. I am so blessed and thankful. A sweet reminder it really is all about the little things.

After all the fun and excitement of my birthday weekend, I sat down to write down my new year's resolutions. No, it's not a typo and yes, I really do make my new year's resolutions on my birthday. It is after all a new year for me. I find it feels more personal, and to be honest, I'm more likely to keep and accomplish my resolutions if I set them on my birthday.

On my list this year, in no particular order:

 1. Laugh at myself more.
 2. Say thank you more often and go out of my way to show more appreciation to those around me.
 3. Donate to more charitable causes.
 4. Develop (and adhere to) a daily devotional and scripture reading.
 5. Start hand writing thank you notes rather than sending thank you emails or texts (I'm sorry I'm that girl).
 6. Not take myself so seriously.
 7. Drink more water (this one always makes the list no matter what time of year).
 8. Take a spontaneous trip (and be more spontaneous period).
 9. Take more time to myself and while I'm at it, take better care of myself.
 10. Finally start (and maintain) a blog.

So there it is. Here's to new beginnings and finding sweetness in everyday life.

Stay sweet!


  1. Congratulations! Love the blog! (It's Annie by the way)

    1. Thanks Annie!!! I had no idea you had a jewelry line! How fun!!!

  2. You're welcome! Yeah, its with my friend Krystal, its been going pretty well :) If you're ever interested in anything just let me know ;)

    1. Oh my goodness, I just saw your etsy store and bombarded your IG! So dainty & adorable!!!